EZClamp eliminates
a huge array of parts, cuts set
up time down to 15 minutes
and allows more space

below the frame to work

This is no wimpy anchoring tool!

It is designed to handle big jobs with ease

Jaws fit into tight places to grab and hold.
And the tie down adapter makes
repairing twist damage a snap.

  Set up in 15 minutes

  Effortless leveling of the vehicle

  Tie down strap for hold downs

  Multiple jaw configuration

  Fits all frames box and channel

  Goes into tight spots next to fuel tanks

  Made from tool grade steel

  Replaceable wear parts

  Mounts to popular frame brands

  Allows for positive anchoring

  Comes with its own cart

  Over-designed to be extremely heavy duty

  Allows free slide to pull diamond

  Made in America by Americans




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